Maria Walker and Jonathan Allmaier, Laundromat Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

February 27, 2008


Above image: Laundromat show annoncement, March 2008
Press Release:

The Laundromat will feature paintings by Maria Walker and Jonathan Allmaier on March 15, 2008. Each artist explores and expands upon at least one aspect of the craft of painting.
Walker builds complex stretchers that involve irregular pieces of wood poking out against the canvas. The canvas forms a topography of peaks and valleys which the artist reacts and responds to with acrylic paint in varied hues both bright and subtle. The stretcher dictates the flow of water and acrylic paint across the surface to create the image. Allmaier also works in the abstract mien, though his painterly inquiry involves color and the substance of paint itself. Allmaier mixes many of his own paints from dry pigments. The result is intense, saturated hues of red, pink, green, yellow, and blue which Allmaier contrasts against one another in abstract shapes. The paintings allow us to see pigment as a physical object, each color distinct in texture and behavior, some cracking, others separating, an experiment unfolding before our eyes.
Allmaier has shown his work in Philadelphia, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Berlin; Providence, RI; and Lincoln, United Kingdom. Walker has exhibited in Philadelphia, Berlin, and Providence, RI. Both artists graduated from Brown University and earned MFAs in painting at Tyler School of Art. They live and work together in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, where they frequently discuss one another’s paintings.
The Laundromat is a new gallery space in Brooklyn, NY, started by artist Kevin Curran. For more information, please visit:

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